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Ukraine. The Stupidity Of Obama And Friends

Ukraine A Victim Of The West:

Writing and Picture by Thomas W Morley

So we need another war or two do we? Everything seems strikingly similar to the quite misleading and disgusting rhetoric of the Bush and Blair years. The situations in the Ukraine is being fully and completely drowned in propaganda on both sides, so much so that there can be no doubt that the average person can in no way be expected to make a truly informed decision about the situation.

The war drums are beating louder and louder, oh yes, and its time to call in NATO. I don’t think any of us need a history lesson, of the not so distant past to understand that our behaviour, our misguided foreign policy has not been working too well. We have caused great suffering over the last 12 years, invading, bombing and destroying so many countries; tearing them to pieces, their social structures, their infrastructures, their governments and removing any hope they might have had by trying to pretend we were taking them democracy and fighting terrorism, oh yes and who could forget the ‘weapons of mass destruction.’

But here we stand once again, with our politicians doing their best to drum up support for yet more violence, more conflict why…. because It’s worked so well? They just cant stop bringing misery to another people, they truly believe that violence will solve the problem, only it is this violence that we keep inflicting on others that has caused all these problems in the first place.

When it comes to the Ukraine and Russia, the West has completely lost its mind. Do they really believe they can hide behind NATO? Do they think Russia stupid or do they just want another cold war or maybe a proper war for that matter. Do they really want Russia as an enemy? One thing is for sure they are doing their very best to paint Russia in bad light and pretend the latest ‘New Coalition Government is legitimate and trustworthy’, which could not be further from the truth.

In February 2014, the world watched the protests in Kiev with amazement and watched snipers, thought to be those of Viktor Yanukovych, the now deposed president, kill twenty-one people in cold blood. This though was not the truth; the snipers were from the New Coalition Government, all protected and funded by the United States and Europe and they were not only targeting protesters they were targeting the police as well in an attempt to make it look like the protesters were firing on the police first.

One of the main groups behind the New Coalition government, ‘Svoboda,’ is a far right nationalist and fascist group. Their roots go back to the Second World War where Ukrainian Nationalists formed ties with the Nazi’s, finding common ground in their ideology of anti-Communism and anti-Semitism. Their ‘Ukrainian National Army’ became a division of the Waffen SS the armed division of the Nazi party, playing a main role in the murder of 800,000 Jews in the Ukraine.

These days their links to far right parties like the-British National Party, French National Front, Italy’s Tricolor Flame the National Democrats of Sweden and Belgium’s National Front are well-known. They are the 4th largest political party and have thirty-six deputies in the parliament taking jobs such as vice prime minister, minister of education, minister of natural resources, mister of ecology, and minster of agrarian policy and food supply… Arguably some of the most important positions in the government.

Svoboda leader, Oleh Tyahnybok an open anti-Semite, was used by the United States in the ousting of the former president Viktor Yanukovych since he was also known for his hatred for Russia. (US Senator John McCain shared a platform and embraced him in public). America thought as they always do, that they could control him that they could install another one of their puppet governments-working so well everywhere els in the world-keeping Ukraine out of Russian hands. Because of course they are the enemy.

Viktor Yanukovych was not a popular president, having little support from either ethnic Ukrainians or Russians, most believing he was corrupt but they are now faced with what many are now considering a fascist movement in Kiev. Already there has been a de-recognition of the Russian Language and a statement from Svoboda that only ethnic Ukrainians will work in the civil service, that they will ban communist ideology, and list religion and ethnicity on all identity documents.

Ukrainian Politics is entering a very dark stage and it is doing so fully supported by the west and NATO. Is it any wonder that Russia is highly nervous when it watches one of its neighbours turn in to civil nightmare, taken over by fascists and all backed by the west? I wonder what Obama was thinking when he spoke late last year, saying:

Russia is responsible for the violence in eastern Ukraine, the violence is encouraged by Russia, the separatists are trained by Russia, they are armed by Russia, they are funded by Russia; Russia has deliberately, and repeatedly violated the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”.

So while Obama accuses Russia on their behaviour, he on the other hand was directly involved in the over throw of Viktor Yanukovych- who was remember, democratically elected-and now the backing of a repulsive right-wing racist fascist political group, who he now funds and trains. Also he seems to forget that he violated Libya and has been arming Israel in the destruction and slaughter of innocent Palestinians. And it does not stop there, as they hand out weapons and bomb in Iraq and Syria.

Russia is surrounded by military bases be it NATO or US; is there any wonder why Russia is concerned with the ethnic Russian people living in Ukraine. And who could blame them under these circumstances, for taking back the Crimea once theirs and home to their Navel base. Which they did bloodlessly I might add. Most of the mass media and certainly all the politicians in the west have a new line, suggesting that Putin is a dark and unpredictable man, a man that we cannot understand or figure out certainly cant trust cloak and dagger, rhetoric sounding just like that of the good old days; the Cold War is here once more. But it is pure rubbish, Mass media drama. The world knows exactly what Putin is like and what he is capable of; one only has to look at his behaviour and attitude in Chechnya and Dagestan, Not dissimilar to the Tsar’s of the past, just far more ruthless. This is a man not to be played with.

The hypocrisy of the west seems to know no bounds; Obama thinks it is ok to work with neo Nazi’s to facilitate regime change. They have and are pouring millions of dollars in to the Ukraine again funding extremists just like they are doing in Syria, funding and training so called “moderate rebels”. Lets hope they don’t turn in to ‘militants’, because they are the bad ones.

This is ‘State Run Terrorism’ just like in Iraq and Afghanistan, and look how we have left them. There is far more to this situation than the condemnation of Russia’s so called behaviour, this is an economic war between the East and the West. Remember once the Ukraine is in the debt of the American banks, it is owned by them. Lets just hope that America’s quest to save its dollar and economic position in the world, does not in the process lead to the destruction of the Ukrainian people.

Writing and Picture by Thomas W Morley

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