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Pictures By Thomas W Morley

Widows in Afghanistan

Widows in Afghanistan at a feeding centre run by CARE

Chechen Refugee In Duisi Village, Pankisi Gorge

Chechen Refugee In Duisi Village. Fled from the fighting in her village near Grozny. She has not seen her husband or son since

Recruiting troops for the SPLM

Recruiting troops for the SPLM in South Sudan.

Thomas W Morley is an independent, freelance photographer and has been working as a documentary photojournalist since 1998 producing in-depth reportage on humanitarian crises in many countries around the world. Working closely with aid organisations like CARE and the International Red Cross, he has photographed, close up and with great compassion, some of the worlds most disadvantaged people.

Specialising in Human Rights and environmental concerns He believes that photography and stories have a very important place, and an ever more significant role to play in our world than ever before. Photography is not just about recording an occasion but the telling of stories in a complicated world; not just to witness but to challenge normal perspectives and thinking.

Thomas Morley has recently undergoing surgery to remove a brain tumour and is now convalescing. He will be talking about it on his blog as regularly as he can and hope that he will be back working once more documenting the lives of others, when he is once more fit and well.


Thomas W Morley has exhibited in Rome and London, and has recently been asked by Eric Stover and his wife Pamela Blotner take part in Human Rights Watch 20th Anniversary exhibition, at Berkley University in California.

Contributing to BBC Africa, Human Rights Watch, CARE, MSF, International Centre For Transitional Justice, ICRC, Refugee Law Project, Reuters, Camera Press, Exile Images, Report Digital and undertaking personal projects.

Documenting the lives and rights of Refugees and civilians, during and after war are his main points focus.

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