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Women At War

Invisible Women.

Women At War, is the very beginning of an unending project and one with many chapters. It is a subject rarely visited by the mass media, but one of such importance and never given enough coverage or thought. Behind the bloodshed, political wrangling and the struggles that rage for power. There is a hatred that grows between people of different faiths, neighbours who were once friends and senseless killings that can only be attributed to frenzies of hopelessness, ignorance, and brain washing, there is another world.

Surrounded by all this pain and loss, there are the women. Secretly working their way through the despair. Who keep caring for their families, their husbands and the safety of their children. Women are forced in to dreadful and terrifying situations; but they manage to keep things working in the background, while they bear the brunt of war in a male dominated mess that just keeps repeating itself over and over.

It is hard to imagine the loss and destruction of another persons life. To loose your family and friends and to watch helplessly as everything in your world is destroyed and falls apart. To watch a once safe life, stolen from you. Turned to ruins in an instant and the strength needed to find away through. The poverty brought by conflict and the humiliation of refugee camps and hatred that evolves from these situations are crosses bourn mostly by the women. Left to mop up the pain of this world. Women are also targets for retribution and the rape and abuse of women is so often used as a weapon of war.

This project is in its early days of conception and planning. It will need time to evolve. It will I hope,  at the very least, give other’s, another view of a world and of women rarely seen or appreciated. A place for some of the women caught up in this dreadful world, the recognition and respect they deserve.

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