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Voices Forgotten In Uganda

Voices Of Acholi Women.

Voices and stories of women, in the Amida IDP camp in northern Uganda, during the war between the United Peoples Defence Force of the Museveni Government (UPDF) and The Lords Resistance Army of Joseph Kony (LRA).

A document to give the Acholi women a voice to show the abuse and pain suffered as they watched their husbands, children and family kidnaped and killed, their possessions taken, burnt and destroyed. All many wanted was to tell their story desperate to be given a voice, and even though the war is over and Joseph Kony, the LRA, have taken their war else where to Congo, Central African Republic and South Sudan forcing pain on another population. Many women have never been able to share their pain and try to heal the years of destruction.

It is important to give such forgotten communities a voice in our world, and not forget the pain they have suffered. It is as necessary for them as it is for us. Turning a blind eye to suffering, where ever it might be or ignoring voices of the silent, usually overwhelmed by the powers to be, should no longer happen.

Politics and power silences the voices of the many. And rarely, once the mass media and many of the charitable organisations have moved on to the next emergency, do the people directly involved in war, have a place for their voice to be heard and taken seriously. It is a very human need for one’s voice to be heard and to tell your story. Just to know that people care and are listening.

The Acholi women and children suffered greatly, and did so over such a long period. Since Joseph Kony is still subjecting people to the same abuse it is important to hear their voice and bring this pain to an end.

Some References

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Photography and writing by Thomas W Morley

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