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LRA Attack Obiya Village Northern Uganda

The LRA In Northern Uganda

Attack on Obiya village by the LRA, 5 km east of Gulu town northern Uganda. At about 8. 30pm, a number of LRA rebel soldiers raided a small shop to steel food. During their attack they shot and killed two men in cold blood. Ocaya Ogonga, 40 years of age and married with five children and Oola Michael who was 35 and married with 2 children.

As the LRA left the scene they dragged three men from their homes and forced them in to the bush as they made their escape. The people of the village informed the UPDF, Ugandan Army, immediately but they did not arrive until the following day, just as the two men’s funerals were coming to an end. That afternoon the villagers and the UPDF soldiers got together to mount a search but by night fall there was still no sign. The following morning a report came in that two bodies had been found, 9 km’s from the village. After two hours of searching deep in the bush 2 of the 3 men were found, beaten to death. The two men were Ocaya Vlamabile, 48 years old, married with 6 children and Oringa Charles, 36 and married with 3 children. The third man, a schoolteacher, was never found.

The villagers and the UPDF worked hard to find the abducted men and get them out of the bush, an incredibly difficult task in itself, but there was no doubt that they felt let down; believing that if the UPDF had got to the scene on the evening of the 16th that all three of the men abducted by the LRA, might still be alive today and the LRA rebels captured. The village only sits 5 km’s from Gulu towns main military barracks and a mile from Unyama IDP camp where there is a battalion of UPDF soldiers for protection.

Photography and writing by Thomas W Morley

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