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A Life In Gaza


A photo essay very simply exploring the life of people In Gaza. A highly complicated and tragic situation that has been failed by the world. 80 % of the population is now dependant on humanitarian aid as Israel and the world tightens economic ties, destroying businesses and putting unbelievable pressure on a population struggling to survive. This is a highly oppressive action and is the reality of collective punishment, as Israel, backed by so many, inflicts restrictions and dreadful incursions and bombing runs as well as the demolition of people homes on a regular basis.

Internal and external strife rules this the largest prison on earth. Israeli deputy prime minister, Eli Yishai, said: “The goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages. Only then will Israel be calm for forty years.” 

I wonder why the west does not care about these people, while right now Syria takes the headlines, what might happen there, is it correct that the words of Eli Yishai have been whispered in to the ear of Obama recently.

Everything is controlled by Israel, people and goods, in and out. How can a people be treated in this way especially this day and age. With little work no economy and even everyday medical supplies restricted, it is no surprise to find a people angry with the life they are force to live.

Overcrowded and punished on a regular basis it would be that the world has in its hypocrisy forgotten about the civilians of this world caught up in a situation made untouchable by the US and Israel, effectively removing a life of freedom from a whole population.

Photography and writing by ©Thomas W. Morley.

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