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Oil Is Not Working

Oil Is Not Working. It never did.

Apathy and Denial:

Written by Thomas W Morley.

Could there be a problem with all our lives? When was the last time you were truly spiritual? The last time you stood and really loved the world you live in. Appreciated everything that surrounds you, every animal and every plant. Every drop of water, the food you eat, the people close to you and every natural sound, like the bird song in the morning, like the wind in the trees. Do you care for strangers, helping those less fortunate? Do you care? Do you really care for the planet on which you live?

Oh my word what am I saying have I gone mad, soft a hippy even. Maybe, if you need a label. But I want to ask a question. A question that is often asked, which bores people, which makes people uncomfortable, that many deny, avoiding reality and pretend it wont happen, even though we all know it will.

What do we do when the oil runs out?

Oil runs our world and mankind only exists at the levels of population it does because of it. There is not a single part of our lives that it is not intertwined with. It permeates in to everything we do; it controls us, maybe to be more exact, the people who control oil control us and they, in truth, are in turmoil.

They are desperate and this shows with their more and more extreme, damaging, expensive and dangerous ways in which they invent to extract it, from tar sands to fracking. These people in the industry and the government who tell you these things are safe and there is nothing wrong with the path we are on, are all lying manipulating propagandist bastards. There are no more major oil or gas finds left anywhere in the world. The days of cheep gas are over. We are hooked on it, like drug addicts and too many now are unable to see a world without it.  But it’s coming and faster than you might think.

So here is a simple example involving our food. As we watch our world populations rising and rapidly, mostly with the help of oil, we are told that the only way we can support these vast populations is by farming commercially and even more intensively than ever before. Huge Agricultural corporations like Monsanto who are directly linked with people like Halliburton, who are in turn linked directly to the government, probably governments. Are the ones who control all the mainstream food, from the seed that is sown, much of which is GM, to the fertiliser and chemicals, and to the unnatural processing?

Our food comes from the soil. Obvious some of you might say but our soil is so important, how we treat it is paramount to our lives and future. But because of the commercial way we farm and the many polluting industries, we are destroying our topsoil. We have turned it in to a sponge; an addict if you like, because so much of the land in the world wont grow and sustain a crop without being fed these oil based chemicals, which we then frighteningly consume.

We pour chemicals in the form of fertiliser and sprays, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. All of which are derived from oil.

We then drive tractors to prepare the land and plant the crop, powered by oil.

More and more we need to irrigate, the power needed to do this, again comes from fossil fuels.

We then fertilise it and spray it numerous times during the crops life, again needing oil-powered machines and not forgetting as already said, the oil used to make those sprays and fertilisers.

We then need to harvest the crop with another oil-powered machine.

The crop then needs transported to storage and then processing, with more oil powered machines. The packaging for processed products is derived from oil, and then these products are distributed by oil-powered machines, to distribution points, then to the supermarket where you drive to and are able to find nearly any product from any part of the world, out of season, that are packaged and transported from which ever part of the world they come from, All by oil.

Every part of the process is dependant on oil, controlled by oil including its control on the price. The system is locked in to oil, which is madness. This is our food it comes from the ground, but even our ground is run by oil.

How short sighted is it to have developed a system that controls our lives, pollutes the planet, and destroys nature and at any point can collapse just because of one element. Yet even though we know this is going on, we know exactly the system that we live within. We still ignore the situation. Apathetic to its importance.

We need to free ourselves from oil and agribusiness and large corporate control, as we know it. The absolute liberation of local food production is the only way to solve the rapidly approaching scenario. People need to relearn how to connect with the land, how to look after it and become part of a community and work together. Not just for food but for everything.

Our system is unsustainable, based solely on profit, consumption, consumerism and aggression. A system build on growth can never last, there can never be infinite growth because our systems growth is based purely on resources and guess what, they run out. So it is time to embrace our fellow man and work together, reinstate communities throw away all political divides and embrace togetherness not individualism.

Written by Thomas W Morley.

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