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Obama And The Petro Dollar War

Obama’s War:

Writing by Thomas W Morley.

Are you ready for another protracted and bloody war? Dig in America and allies because that is what you’ve got. Delivered in his usual, eloquent and calm way, Obama’s latest rallying speech held little substance; with no solution and showing that he has little, to no idea what to do apart from to start a new bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria. This was a speech to appeal to the people of the United States and to get them onside because he knows the likelihood of being drawn in to a long and bloody war, with ground troops is highly likely, and deep down probably the plan.

Obama represented a desperate desire for change, not only at home but world-wide, Obama seemed to be a shining light, for what is without doubt, a ground swell of political awakening among everyday citizens. People are beginning to see the desperate need for political, economic and social change. Inspiring people and governments worldwide, Obama became the great hope his speeches mesmerizing, full of promises and what seemed like a future that would benefit and help the everyday person.

As he moved towards his place in the White House, it seemed like a fairy tale. Could this man be for real? Was he really going to fight the corporations, put a lid on the military and its out of control spending-the US spends more on its military than the next top 10 countries in the world put together-reform foreign policy and regain as he put it “America’s moral stature in the world”.

Transparencies in government were promised and help for the common man, who felt the brunt of the financial crisis, saying he would “stop foreclosures on people’s homes and reform those financial industries”. He also promised to close Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, holding alleged terrorists without charge and submitted to horrific torture. Breaking all international rules on the treatment of prisoners and the illegal use of torture. He told the world that, “America does not use torture”. A statement borrowed from Bush Junior, that we all know was a lie and this underlined by the latest news that US torture has been ramped up, with reports that in Guantanamo, torture practices, such as ‘water boarding’ have been given a makeover as subjects are exposed to the constant flow of water by placing them under a tap and taking them right to the point of death by drowning before they stop; this has been corroborated by the doctors brought in to over see the treatment, presumably there for the prisoner’s rights!

It seems Obama was showing his real self very early on, but this bank run personality, this man who answers to Wall Street, where much of his campaign funding came from, hides his dark secrets with great oratory skills. He is a corporate and lobbyist’s puppet, a marketing dream; he is a brand that has seemed all too easy to sell. Obama has not stood by a single one of his promises to the American people or the world and especially the Middle East, unless of course you are Israel who has been receiving far larger financial gifts to support for their military dominance in the region for their continued persecution of the Palestinian people.

In the United States to have a successful election campaign, the dollar talks and one needs an awful lot of it to stand even the slightest chance of being elected. In 2012 Obama managed to raise, for his re-election, a record $1.123 billion. “Gulp”, yes it was the most expensive presidential election ever held anywhere in the world.

Obama now has many friends. Ones he might not have chosen given the chance, if he really was more than a puppet, but in his desperation to grab, scrabble and gather in all that campaign money, desperately trying to stay on top I guess he forgot that all these people, companies, corporations, government bodies and the many un-known givers, will all want something. They want a return on their buck! If this though was not the case then it looks frighteningly like Obama and family were a wonderfully manufactured entity to dupe the public so that the bankers could carry on with their world economy plans and their control of world resources.

He has carried on the conflict and bombing in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and he was all to eager to bomb Libya and condemn Iran. A country and regime that has not invade another in 200 years. In his speech at the recent NATO summit in Wales you could be forgive for thinking that he is now fully in charge, the language coming from the press conference Obama held at the summit was aggressive and uncompromising when talking about Russia, and full of hypocrisy.

After a question by AP journalist Julie Tate, well scripted and week at best, Obama replied, avoiding part of the question, which asked about troop numbers and equipment, saying

“The path for Russia to rejoin the community of nations that respects international law is still there. And we encourage president Putin to take it. But the unity and firmness that we have seen in the transatlantic alliance is a testimony that shows how seriously people take the basic principle that big countries can’t just stomp on little countries or force them to change their policies.”

‘A community that respects International law’, with the past in mind and the illegal invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq now seemingly forgotten, “big countries can’t just stomp on little countries or force them to change their policies”. Oh dear Obama does one need to remind you of your countries history since the Second World War. America has intervened directly and indirectly proxy wars included-in 75 conflicts. Responsible for trying to change governments, especially those ones that want to give their people a say; handing back power to the people and caring for them. Spewing lies and distorting facts Obama has taken on the attitude of Edward Béarnaise and learnt from the rhetoric of Ronald Reagan and moving on to the absolute lies of George Bush and friends and embracing the mainstream media who now represent themselves and deceive the public.

America’s military industrial complex has taken over everything at home, with their militarised police, and beyond to their ridiculous ideals of policing the world and supposedly installing democracy.

Russia is playing its own game too: along side China and Iran it has threatened to stop trading its oil with the dollar and start using internal currencies, gold or the Euro. This in its self would be a complete disaster for the ‘ US petro dollar’. These days the dollar is almost exclusively backed by the oil trade and became the world’s reserve currency after President Nixon removed the gold standard back in 1971. This was done by the American government, agreeing with Saudi Arabia to price oil and gas in dollars, forcing the rest of the world to do the same.

Russia and China are in effect calling for a new world reserve currency and if oil is sold in anything other than the dollar, be it gold or a number of different currencies even commodities, the dollar will collapse. Unlike the USA, China now has the largest reserves of gold in the world. It is the largest importer of gold and the single largest producer of gold and it has not sold any for a number of years. It is also the largest importer of oil, surpassing the US, from Saudi Arabia and so the game being played with sanctions on Russia will no more hurt Russia than if Russia turn round and put sanctions on the US.

Pushing Russia and labelling them as the aggressor might only force them further away from the West and seal any thoughts of changing how they are paid for oil. If they are removed from the SWIFT system and accept payment for energy in anything they want, then the dollar will fall and probably be a disaster for America with possible hyperinflation. The situation could cause the US economy to completely collapse if Russia decides to retaliate, it has the upper hand and in reality has no need to start a physical war as it only needs to cut out the dollar with its main trading partners-BRICS-and Europe, so it would seem the US is playing a dangerous game and is shooting itself in the foot as it underestimates Russia.

So it is quite clear why the US is and has been fighting so many wars over the last thirteen years and it has never been for humanitarian intervention. Controlling as much of the oil market as they can is imperative for America’s economy to survive in the world, the disastrous interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya and soon to be Syria, is seemingly a last ditched attempt to keep control of their economy and any remaining strength in the dollar.

The present crisis in Iraq and Syria with the Islamic Sate, a group undeniably brought about but the collective foreign policy of the west, led by the USA, is no more about terrorism as is the situation in the Ukraine. America’s destabilisation policies around the world have never worked, bringing only pain and suffering to millions and bolstering anti American feeling throughout the world. Americas choice to back their dollar with its military industrial complex rather than the gold standard might not only bring misery to themselves but it has the potential to damage us all.

So if Obama has any of the great man inside him, that offered us all such hope when he first filled the worlds stage then he might start to consider not listening to all the corrupt and greedy corporate backers and to defy the right wing politics pushing him in the background and start meaningful and comprehensive negotiations with Russia and put his bombers and military hardware away in the Middle East. Instead opening some kind of dialog with all sides, Bashar Hafez al-Assad of Syria, Hassan Rouhani of Iran and even the Islamic State. The last thirteen years of war has not worked, its time to try something new Obama, we can only hope you can now become the man the world always wanted you to be.

Writing by Thomas W Morley.

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