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Israel, Apartheid And The USA,

Israel and Palestinian conflict:

Writing and Photography by Thomas W Morley

Now in its seventh week of bloody conflict and showing little sign of abating any time soon, I wonder if this present war between Israel and the Palestinians is showing a different turn in history.

The Israeli government has shown that it has no care for the Palestinian people, to such a bloodthirsty extent that it would not be too far fetched to guess that the Palestinian’s might think deep down, that they are really hated, that they are being systematically slaughtered, annihilated even. This time the Israeli government does seem to be quite determined to make more than a lasting impression.

The ‘International Communities,’ response, has been weak voiced at best and the United Nations might as well not exist, since their inertia over this situation is reprehensible. Six weeks for all to make a decision, to come up with something, but nothing, not a peep. Grown men from all over the world procrastinating about what to do. Who are these people that they cannot recognise ‘Human Rights’ violations on a massive scale, have the Palestinian people become an Un people, it would seem that the whole world is complicit in the systematic wholesale slaughter that is going on. A people trapped with nowhere to run or hide bombed by land, sea and air. Do our governments that represent us really not care or do they hope this will just go away, hoping that the present situation with the ‘Islamic State’ might drown out the cries for help. Maybe if we move the news coverage elsewhere then the Israelis can be left to get on with it. Whatever ‘it’ is?

History teaches us that there is nothing new about the treatment being handed out to the Palestinians by the Israeli government. At the end of the First World War, Palestine was declared a British mandate at the Versailles treaty of June 1919. The British though, had already agreed to give Palestine to David Ben Gourian, head of a powerful group of Zionists, and Baron Rothschild, leader of the British Jewish community. They had promised to bring America in to the war in return for Palestine, the British agreed, and so the ‘Balfour Declaration of November 2nd 1917’ was signed.

After the Second World War, Zionists quickly colonised Palestine and in 1948, after Israel was accepted in to the UN, it declared itself Independent from the British mandate, and the ‘State Of Israel’ was formed. It was at this time that the Zionist government of Israel began its move towards annexing the Palestinian people and taking more and more land. A year after the colonising had started the Israeli government and military had taken 78% of Palestine for themselves even though they only owned 6%.

And so the Israeli persecution of the Palestinians began. The theft of their land was just the start and the first prime minister of Israel, Zionist David Ben Gourian, began a campaign against the Palestinians and in a speech he said:

We have taken their country, we must do everything to ensure they never return. We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population.

David Ben Gourian 1948

Imagine if we heard such a statement today. I wonder what we would think or does it depend on whom it is being directed at. It could be considered a statement declaring the future ethnic cleansing of a people.

Sixty six years later it would seem that the Israeli government and its military are still perusing the statement of David Ben Gourian, stealing land, colonization, murdering innocent civilians, terrorizing a population and denying them their liberty and land rights. It is truly an apartheid state, such discrimination is a crime against humanity but it seems the world keeps allowing Israel to get away with such behavior. In fact behavior which is upheld and seemingly encouraged by the USA as they contribute over $5 billion dollars every year in foreign aid, much of it going to the military and federal loan guarantee’s. It built the wall in the West Bank and it helps keep the Palestinians trapped in their own Mediterranean prison and pays for all the shells and bullets dropping on Gaza from land, sea and air. That money is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands on innocent Palestinians over the years and the money keeps flowing. It would seem the USA just keeps giving.

Why is the Zionist Israeli government abusing and humiliating the Palestinian people and why did the British illegally sign over someone else’s land to rich wealthy Zionists and corporate businessman. Jews had lived peacefully in the Middle East for thousands of years along side the Arabs so there was no reason and no need for this to happen or think that this would not be the case again once the Second World War was over. Was this a power game keeping “powerful, trustworthy allies in the heart of the Middle East for strategic reasons, oil reasons?

Israel though has not turned out to be so controllable as the British and Americans had probably hoped. Their desperation to colonies the whole of Palestine and rid themselves of the Arabs is an embarrassment for both the British and American governments, although political speak and the powerful bullying propaganda of the Israeli government seems to have a hold on any sensible opposition to the constant aggressive and determined behavior shown towards the Palestinians.

The propaganda machine and the very powerful Jewish lobby in the US have made it nearly impossible for anyone to be able to stand up against them. They have cleverly made the world believe that they are the victim in all this trouble, and any time any one disagrees with their stance they play the ‘Anti Semitic’ hand, controlling the media and keeping their past always up front and in the worlds face.

How can they be a victim, really? When they are the most powerful country in the Middle East; they are the fourth largest Nuclear power and one of the biggest arms produces in the world possessing nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

Who are the terrorists really? Are the Palestinian’s not people, fighting oppression and against the blatant dehumanization by the Israeli’s. How can they treat another people in exactly the same way as they were once treated? There are too many frighteningly similar correlations’ to the not so distant past; state sanctioned terror, walling in communities and constant humiliation are just but a few of the Israeli governments tack ticks to keep the population destabilised. dehumanized.

How many more innocent people have to be bombed and gunned down in cold blood. Israel is out of control, saying today “it will not stop till its goals are achieved”. In Gaza the infrastructure has been completely destroyed, over 500,000 people have been displaced, many thousands of homes have been completely obliterated, 375,000 people are badly traumatized  3,000 Palestinian people severely injured many disabled for life and over 2000 Palestinian people have been killed; 75% of deaths are innocent civilians, 500 of them being children. How does Israel think the Palestinian people will view them now as it constantly chooses its war machine to solve the problems there? Or does it not care.

Israel has chosen a dangerous and dark path, how much further will Israel need to go before it reaches its goals, whatever its goals are and has it chosen the never ending cycle of conflict bolstered with propaganda and lies to justify its constant and repulsive abuse of another population. The only given is that for now, whatever the Israeli state chooses to do America will choose to do too.

Writing and Photography by Thomas W Morley

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