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Gaza Picture Misuse.

Gaza Photograph Used To Represent Ebola.

Picture and writing by Thomas W Morley

The above picture was taken in Gaza, Palestine and it depicts a scene in Shifa Hospital, Gaza City. A taxi driver has been caught in the fighting and has been badly injured by a tank shell from an Israeli bombing campaign. The phonograph was originally taken back in June 2006 during the Israeli military operation called ‘Summer Rain’.

Some how the picture has been picked up without permission and for some reason used to represent the symptoms of Ebola. It is not known how or why this has happened but in case anyone comes across this image and recognises it, know that it has been picked up illegally and infringes all copyright laws.

I would be most grateful if anyone does come across the picture still being used for the purpose of representing Ebola, they would report it to myself.

Thank you

Thomas W Morley

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