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Escape From Hospital

Home At Last

I am at last out of hospital and home. Completely drained and totally exhausted, but fingers crossed it seems my surgery was, so far, a complete success. How wonderful to be in my own home once more.

There were a few glitches after the operation, hence the three week stay but whilst in the hands of the nurses and Mr Palmer, my surgeon, and his team my care could not have been better and so it would only be right to thank them publicly for all they have done for me, I am more than grateful.

After the main operation I developed a leak, in a manor of speaking. My brain fluid decided to find a new route around my skull and whilst sitting on the loo a few days after, clear fluid began to ‘run’ from my right nostril and at quite some rate I must add. So to try and remedy this; another operation to insert a drain was performed; four inches in to my brain, the idea to lower the pressure and hope that the leaking fluid would find a new route.

Sadly this did not work and I developed an infection, worried this could turn in to meningitis or something just as worrying and go straight to my new improved brain a third operation was performed straight away.

Fat from my stomach was taken and packed in to the tubes that run between ones ear and nose, which are all connected. This thankfully seems to be working and the infection has now been knocked on the head so now it is time to be a good boy, take it very easy and mend. It is going to take a long time that’s for sure, I have to re-learn my balance get used to my new found deafness and fight the constant sickness since I only have one balance centre and my ear drum etc has all been removed.

Luckily I do not have facial palsy, not that you can notice at least but this is due to my facial nerve being left intact and the way they managed to do that was by leaving some of the tumour there. So in about a months time I will return for an MRI scan to see how things have settled down etc and depending on what is found I may undergo a course of radio therapy to finish the bugger off.

I have to say I feel incredibly lucky and with no sign of cancer, I cannot tell you the relief I feel. Thank you for all the wonderful messages and emails it has meant a lot and from many unexpected people. Anyway that was more of an update shall we say and I should be back in Suffolk in about a months time so we can all catch up. Chin, Chin.



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  1. Nicky GC x

    So pleased your home Tom…wishing you lots of love and strength buddy….hope you can enjoy a glass of vino soon xxx

  2. Suzy G

    Get well soon old boy! Old Rosie’s calling (loads of pints of) ! Well pleased to hear you’re on the mend :-) x

  3. Cathanne

    Tom, I’m so pleased to read this blog and all the good news. Even with a nappy tied around your head you are still a handsome boy. Wishing you a very speedy recovery x


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