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Commodifying Our Children’s Future

A Planet For Our Children.

Written by Thomas W Morley.

When I finally left school; without heading like everyone else to university, I went out immediately in to the world with no real understanding of where I had been for that last ten years, but completely relieved to be away from what I considered to have been a truly pointless time and waste of life. The memorization of facts to regurgitate so one can pass a test always seemed to be completely ridiculous, especially when one had to spend all those years never being allowed to challenge anything or have an original thought.

Then came the so-called real world and life was not much different, becoming a manual worker, told what to do and expected never to question. Always made to feel insecure if you were not to agree with, shall we say, a request, or an order? Branded a troublemaker threatened or reprimanded and told it would go against your employment record. It seemed that the only way you could be happy in any sense of the word was to make sure that at both work and school you met that target or passed that test because there was no praise out side of these events, ultimately only satisfying teachers or employers.

It seems that little has changed, and all we seem to want from our education is to shape our children in to nothing more than a cog that will fit in to an ever more commercialised world, geared only to growth and profit; an education system that seems only to cater for the worlds of commerce, industry and government. Shaping everyone for a world run only for the purposes of growth and profit, creating a consumer population, thus keeping the few elite at the top richer and more powerful, and a government in control.

From an early age it is drummed in to us, taught even, that working, earning money, spending, owning commodities gives you standing in the world and that in turn has made society believe, mainly these days through advertising and media, that everything we have and do is wrong. We have the wrong car, wrong cloths, live in the wrong area send our children to the wrong school. If you want to look younger don’t use that face cream buy ours and so if we want to truly feel free we need to consume ever more in the search for happiness, which will never really come because the cycle never stops as the advertisers keep on thinking up more and more ingenious ways to make you feel bad about your self so you keep consuming in the hope that the next purchase will fill that empty hole they created in the first place. They have made you seek your spiritual satisfaction in consumption.

To help this along manufactures have made sure over the years that all products, wether it be electrical goods, your car even the seeds you grow in your garden have a life span so you are forced to replace that toaster after only a year. That you are unable to collect seeds from your plants because the plant they grow in to has been bred to produce barren seeds, and that your car will start to have many problems once it hits 80,000 miles, trade it in buy a new one and buy it on credit, because borrowing is fine and repairing your old car, which is not really old, is just not worth it.

This entrepreneurial world that we are force-fed, seems only to breed greed and selfishness. This pursuit of money ultimately leads to more and more consumption, and unhappiness, having one underlying and arguably the most important subject in the world today and that is the destruction of our planet and climate change. Our desire for commodities and our ever-increasing consumption of the world’s resources is driving this and it is unsustainable.

So we as human beings have to completely change our way of thinking. We have to be better than who we are now. We need to live for the unity of mankind without divisions of rich and poor. Teaching such individualism and competition to our children before they have experienced anything can’t be the right thing to do.  What is wrong with the teachings of love, beauty, justice, goodness and community and not greed and selfishness, which are underlined by modern teachings?

If we as a human race cooperate and re connect with each other, then we can surely connect better with our planet and understand that we are a part of natures balance to keep our world stable. The education of our young, the appreciation of their minds and the views they have are important. What we teach them now and how we teach them will determine much of our planets future. Lets not turn them off, let’s not turn them in to consumers without real connections to each other. Our future freedom, freedom to be happy, fulfilled, healthy and satisfied comes not from materialism but love and cooperation. Our children’s future is in our hands.

Written by Thomas W Morley.

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