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Escape From Hospital

Home At Last I am at last out of hospital and home. Completely drained and totally exhausted, but fingers crossed it seems my surgery was, so far, a […]

Thomas Morley in hospital

Patience And My Tumour

PATIENCE MY TUMOUR AND POLICY Well it has not been the easiest of weeks; so very strange to carry such a passenger around in your head, waiting to […]

Patience and Thomas W Morleys brain tumour

Admission to Hospital

HOSPITAL, 36 DAYS AND COUNTING I have at last, been given a day, to find my way to hospital and remove my lodger, my tumour, on the 7th March. […]


My Brain Tumour

Diagnosis Of My Brain Tumour There is no doubt that once such a serious medical condition like a Brain Tumour is diagnosed, that it would be very easy […]